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2013 TESSA through the Newsletters

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Through the Newsletters in English


All the references (dates and pages in brown ink) on this page refer to the TESSA Newsletters published in English in 2012.

If you wish, click on the links below to download the 3 Newsletters. You will then be able to print them or read them online at your convenience.

December 2012 Newsletter

July 2012 Newsletter

April 2012 Newsletter





New administrative structure: At the Open University, TESSA now works with both the Faculty of Education and Languages Study and the International Development Office (July 2012, p 8 ) 


Another prize for TESSA: in April 2012, TESSA received a "Women deliver 50" prize for its work in Malawi for the training of classroom assistantes (http://t.co/FUaxE3fa (April 2012, p 1) 


TESSA receives funding from the Allan et Nesta Ferguson charitable trust (July 2012, p 3)

Comic Relief grants TESSA funds for a Special Initiative, the African Storybook Project (December 2012, p 3) 


TESSA resources for secondary science teachers (April 2012, p. 3, July 2012, p. 8 et December 2012, p 11

WISE publishes a new video about TESSA http://www.wise-qatar.org/content/tessa-web-documentary ( 2July 2012, p 15 )



TESSA gave presentations at important international events

  • February 2012: The Africa Regional Open Educational Resource Policy Forum at UNISA, Pretoria, South Africa (April 2012, p 5)

  • February 2012: Meeting of the Commonwealth of Learning (CoL), UNESCO, Paris, France (April 2012, p 6)

  • June 2012: UNESCO OER World CongressUNESCO, Paris, France (July 2012, pp 5 and 15)

  • July 2012 : 56th World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET), Cape-Coast University, Cape-Coast, Ghana (December 2012, pp 6 and 7)




 In the countries


  South Africa 

UNISA supports teachers in under-resourced schools through teacher development with TESSA resources . (April 2012, p. 4)

Ghana  Salome Praise Otami reports on the impact of TESSA on teaching in selected Kindergarten classrooms in Winneba (April 2012, p 7) 
  Ghana  Charlotte Cashman, from Computers2Ghana, writes about a new initiative to support unqualified teachers in rural zones of Northern Ghana. This initiative involves the dissemination of TESSA (December 2012, p 4 
  Mauritius Island  Pritee Auckloo and a team of teachers prepare OERs for the training of primary schools on Mauritius and Rodrigues. (July 2012, p 5) 
  Kenya Egerton University continues to develop its work to sensitise and support leaders at all levels of the education system in the use of TESSA for teacher professional development (December 2011, p 5)
  Malawi Celebrations of the students' successes and workshop to train tutors and mentors in the use of strategies to support the students in reflecting on their school experience work (July 2012, p. 13)
  Nigeria  Dele Yaya from the National Teachers Institute of Nigeria reports on the workshop that took place in Abuja in May 2012 and where the Teaching Practice Supervisors' Toolkit was written (July 2012, p 3). The Toolkit has now been published (December 2012, . 7) and is available on the TESSA website: http://www.tessafrica.net/node/1393  
  Uganda Doris Kaije, TESSA Coordinator for Kyambogo University, explains how the TESSA team at the University planned and implemented the embedding of TESSA (April 2012, p 2 and December 2012, p 5) 

The resources from the Lifeskills modules have been adapted for their use in the Early Childhood Programme at the Open University of Sudan (April 2012, p 6)


South Sudan

The NGO War Child Holland, in partnership with the South Sudan Ministry of Education, includes TESSA resources on the tablet computers that are distributed to teachers to help them teach "learning centred lessons". (April 2012, p 7)


Zambia Peter Sinyangwe tells how TESSA enables teachers in rural areas to transform their teaching practice and highlights the role food plays in teacher education (July 2012, p 2 and December 2012, p 2)



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