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2013 TESSA-Apreli@ Collaboration e

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Collaboration with Francophone OERs : Apréli@

Michèle Deane, TESSA in Francophone Countries, The Open University, United Kingdom



Richard Kossi Agbogan, from the Direction des Formations in Lomé, Togo, and I were joined by Mr Cheikh Sene from the Education and Training Inspection (Inspection de l'Education et de la Formation, IEF) in Parcelles Assainies, Dakar, Senegal, to prepare for the Association for the promotion @frican Open Educational Resources (Association pour la promotion des ressources éducatives libres @fricaines, Apréli@) a training programme to support teacher trainers in introducing the Apréli@ e-twinnings to teachers.


This programme draws heavily on the TESSA active teaching pedagogy, and all activities engage the teachers in taking an active part in their training. A significant number of the TESSA key resources provide basic reading for the teacher trainers and some are distributed to the teachers as part of their basic kits for engaging in starting an e-twinning project.


The ICT training resources included in the Apreli@ Teacher Trainers' Kit have been adapted from some of the IFADEM OERs, thus making a close link between the three OERs, Apréli@, IFADEM and TESSA.


And can be found online:











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