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2013 TESSA-IFADEM Collaboration e

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Collaboration with Francophone OERs : IFADEM

Michèle Deane, TESSA in Francophone countries, The Open University, Royaume-Uni



We reported one year ago that IFADEM (Initiative francophone pour la formation à distance des maîtres – Francophone initiative for the distance education and training of primary school teachers) and TESSA had held a successful meeting and the joint Press Release published on both the IFADEM and the TESSA websites:



We have resumed our formal discussions with our IFADEM colleagues. On 26 November, Monsieur Pierre-Jean Loiret, IFADEM Director, and Monsieur Jacques Wallett of Rouen University, visited the Open University and held fruitful discussions with Jane Cullen, the TESSA director, Sally Pritchard, the TESSA Programme Manager and I to start planning a research symposium to look into and compare themes and practices that are common to both initiatives. For more on how these plans develop, read the next issue of the newsletter. 


The IFADEM website homepage can be found on http://www.ifadem.org



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