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2013 TESSA-Togo continues to permeate Togo educational structures

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TESSA continues to slowly permeate educational structures in Togo

Richard Kossi Agbogan, TESSA-Togo Team,
Africa Pedagogic Coordinator for the Apreli@ Twinnings,

Direction des Formations, Lomé 


The learning techniques promoted by TESSA prove to be a real tool to support teacher educators and teachers, fa- cilitating teaching and learning in the Primary School Teacher Training Colleges and in primary schools in Togo.


Inspired by TESSA, Mr. Pansoue Anao, a Primary School Teacher Educator working at the Training Directorate in Lomé, Togo, has introduced traditional music in the classroom to help Trainee Primary School Teachers to understand how they can use cultural heritage to teach Togo history or geography. How does this work? Learners listen to a song and identify the area where this music originates. The link between the musical tradition and the geographical location provides an unexpected anchor leading to a better understanding of the cul- tural and ethnic diversity in Togo. This did not only generate the enthusiasm of Trainee Teachers who took part in local dances but it also provided them with a tool to introduce history and geography lessons in their respective classrooms at the end of their training.


Traditional dance session prior 
to a history lesson at the Teacher Training College (ENI) in Lomé, Togo



At the Amitié Concorde Primary School, the use of questions-answers sessions and of concept maps during lessons to prepare for the Apréli@ e-twinning activities allows students to explore the topic to be discussed with their partner class. It also allows teachers to teach differently by placing the students at the heart of the learning process. 


Using mind maps to record class discussion




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