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2013 TESSA-Togo  Inspectors Conference

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TESSA at the Primary and Secondary School Inspectors' Annual Conference

Amivi-Cra KOMLAN, TESSA Coordinator, Direction des Formations, Lomé Togo 


From 10 to 14 October 2012 the seventh edition of the Annual Conference of Preschool and Primary Schools In- spectors in Togo was held at the Primary School Teacher Training College (ENI) in Notsè. The themes of the confer- ence were "teaching science in preschool and primary schools" and "repeating a year in primary school". Agenda item 7 of the conference program was "points of information".


The TESSA-TOGO team registered a "presentation of TESSA resources" under this agenda item. Inspector DARA AHATO, a TESSA-Togo team member, made the presentation to 86 pre-school and primary school inspectors, six regional directors of education, directors of the Ministry of Education and representatives of NGOs and representatives from State and private education.


Inspector Dara Ahato presents TESSA to his colleagues


Approximately 120 participants, stakeholders and partners in education have therefore been informed about the TESSA resources and their mode of operation. They received the web addresses of both TESSA and TESSA-TOGO) Demonstrations of research and exploitation of TESSA resources in mathematics and French supported the presentation. Some participants who were connected accessed the sites forthwith. 




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