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2013 Front page

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Nº 3 - January 2013



Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to the third TESSA Francophone newsletter.


2012 has been a very full and successful year for TESSA that received a new prize for its work with classroom assistantes in Malawi and launched its new TESSA website which includes the Francophone resources collection and the Togo resources collection prepared by the TESSA-TOGO team at the Direction des Formations in Lomé. TESSA was also evaluated independently.


The TESSA teams in the countries where TESSA resources are used have continued to work on enhancing the impact if the resources. The page Dans les Newsletters en anglais (In the Newsletters in English) provides a brief summary of their work during 2012. provi This bulletin concerns itself mainly on the work accomplished in Francophone countries along the two strands defined in our last bulletin:


  •  Our colleagues in Togo have continued to encourage the take up of TESSA pedagogy and report on the last development in the field and of their plans for 2013.

  •  TESSA has continued to forge links with the Initiative francophone pour la formation à distance des maîtres (IFADEM)[1]and the Association pour la promotion des ressources éducatives libres @fricaines (Apréli@)[2]


Jane Cullen

TESSA Director 

Michèle Deane

TESSA in French speaking countries




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  1. French Initiative for teachers of French by distance learning
  2. Association for the Promotion of @frican Open Educational Resources

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