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Aprelia e-twinnings

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The Apréli@ e-twinnings

Geneviève Puiségur-Pouchin, Apréli@ President


The Association for the Promotion of @frican Open Educational Resources (Apréli@, www.aprelia.org) held an international workshop to launch the production resources for Francophone educative e-twinnings. The workshop took place in Dakar from 5 to 7 April 2011 at the FASTEF (Faculty of Education and of Education and Training Technologies). Placed under the patronage of Chairman of the Conference of Ministers of Education in Francophone countries (CONFEMEN), this workshop brought together teachers, teacher educators, educational researchers, educational and administrative officials, elected local representatives of parents, management committees of schools, national and international partners.



Dakar workshop opening ceremony


Together they co-developed the pedagogical model of the Apréli@ e-twinnings. The scenario of these bilateral cooperative e-exchanges consists in establishing a digital travel journal in the partners’ locality. The realisation of this journal will involve the entire educational community in a participatory and multi-partnership. The 2011-2012 school year is a trial year for testing and evaluating the tools. This trial year will need to bring concrete and meaningful results, and will therefore be decisive for the future of the experimentation.


Dakar workshop working session



Classes in Senegal, Togo, Burkina Faso and France are involved in this pilot phase. In Togo, the e-twinning activities have helped implement a fruitful collaboration between Tessa and Apréli@.


Mr. Kossi Agbogan who, along with Mrs. Amivi-Cra Komlan, is a major player in the adaptation of the TESSA resources to the context and needs of Togo, has made outstanding contributions to the workshop. His active, cheerful and efficient participation in the Dakar workshop was particularly appreciated. His knowledge of TESSA pedagogy and resources richly contributed to the participants’ reflections and to the quality of work. Upon his return to Lomé, he undertook the education and training of teaching and administrative staff of the school group Amitié-Concorde in Lomé.


Under the committed and caring leadership of the schools consortium founder, Mr. Marcelin Kpéglo, and that of the preschool and elementary school head teacher, Mr. Dagadou Kodzo, Mr. Agbogan has trained teachers from April to July (ICT capacity building, development of pedagogic models, use of wiki resources to be found on wiki.aprelia.org). Through this training, teachers began to develop skills that enabled them to start the e-exchange with French classes at the beginning of the school year. They finished the introductory module in December and started the chapter Our partners’ favourite dishes.


The evaluation of the introductory module took place in January, while the classes continued working on the chapter that had been started in December.


As president of Apréli@, I wish to thank Michèle Deane, coordinator of TESSA in French speaking countries, whose unwavering support has made this initiative possible that sealed the friendship between Apréli@ and TESSA.


Apréli@ will spare no effort to ensure that its contribution to the quality of African education and of international exchanges between students and teachers be relevant, effective and harmonious.







For more information on Apréli@ and the Apréli@ e-twinnings, contact in French or in English :

Madame Geneviève Puiségur-Pouchin

Présidente d'Apréli@

(Association pour la promotion des ressources éducatives libres @fricaines)

(33) 681 638 151

(33) 160 028 121

Skype : genevieve_pp 


12 rue Jean-Philippe Rameau 
77 330 Ozoir la Ferrière






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