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TESSA in Togo

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TESSA in Togo: progress since the September 2010 workshop

Amivi-Cra KOMLAN, TESSA Coordinator, Teacher Training Directorate (DF), Lomé, Togo


The workshop on the appropriation and adaptation of the TESSA Open Educational Resources (OER) which ran from September 27 to 30, 2010 in Lomé was crucial to the follow-up work on TESSA in Togo.


Facilitated by Ms Michele Deane, Coordinator of TESSA in French speaking countries and by Ms Sally Pritchard, TESSA program coordinator, the workshop brought together educators from the Teacher Training Directorate (DF) and trainers from Primary School Teachers Training Colleges (ENI) of Togo. It allowed participants to appreciate the TESSA resources and work towards the implementation of active learning advocated by these resources in order to contribute to improving the quality of education that is sought in Togo.


Following this workshop, the trainers worked on adapting the TESSA resources to the needs and context of Togo. 


 Cross-curricular working session


Five teams were formed around the five areas TESSA: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Social Studies/Arts; Life Skills. These adaptation sessions, supported by the DF Director of Studies, M. Ayawo ADALAN were intense moments of exchange, discovery and rediscovery, impregnation, research, in a nutshell, moments that were truly rewarding!


The finished product is an additional resource to which trainers and teachers can refer to support the implementation of active learning in classrooms. We also hope that it will serve as a springboard for other reflection leading to the improvement of the quality of education in Togo and elsewhere. To do this, we trust that the Togolese adaptations will soon be on the TESSA website (http://www.tessafrica.net) and that "TOGO" will appear on the TESSA website homepage among the countries that have understood the importance of active teaching advocated by TESSA.





Discussion among the Literacy group


Togo is the first Francophone African countries to endorse the TESSA Resources and the DF trainers and ENI teacher trainers already involved in working on the TESSA resources intend to continue the implementation of the TESSA active pedagogy to contribute to the quality of the classroom teaching and learning. It is to this end that a three-year action plan has been developed which include:

  • Training of teacher trainers and inspectors in Togo 
  • Training head teachers and teachers in the areas targeted for the experimentation
  • Experimenting with TESSA resources in pilot classes with a view to further embedding
  • Exchanging experiences with Ghana and Nigeria


The DF and ENI trainers are aware of the challenges of quality education for all. They aspire to Togo spearheading TESSA in Francophone Africa.



The Mathematics group at work




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